June 2010 - THE JOURNEY II - Solo exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus


The new decade unveils a new perspective and artist Andreas Nicolaou suggests or wishes for us a new kind of travel within it; a travel of and with the heart, based on human possibilities, a second sailing, inspired by deeper modesty, rethinking and sincerity.

The travel is the message. A space where you will meet with yourself under different conditions; an escape to within your self or another's with less lust or narcissism, with fewer but now functional material possessions. With fewer but now true fellow travellers, in a travel that keeps you in constant contact and communication with the earth, the soil and the community of people.

This course requires a deprivation, the sacrifice of the superficial. Lighter colours and more light might have been a promise. But here, through attention to detail and colour discipline leading to clinical, almost sterilized simplicity, a higher freedom is achieved. A painter hitherto known for his dark colours, dares to take a dive into light; where one might again meet with himself.

Tassos A. Gkekas