6 Young Cypriot Artists - Andreas Nicolaou

Efi Andreadi

From the exhibition "6 Young Cypriot Artists" in the Parko Eleftherias in Athens (1995),
a joint exhibition by City of Athens and the Popular Bank of Cyprus

Andreas Nicolaou is a young Cypriot artist who for now has chosen Athens as a place to live and work. His painting, thematically, has led him in a number of different directions: It is as if he wanted to test out and investigate, or better, to sound out, the different levels at which to expand his knowledge, not just of the elements of painting itself, such as structure, texture and colour, but also of the significance of the world he encounters. Now he has succeeded, without a backward glance or a faltering step, to offer us from within his canvasses an attractively poetic portrayal of both the simplest and most familiar aspects of this world.

Efi Andreadi
Art Critic

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