Andreas Nicolaou

Athina Schina

From the publication of the exhibition of the International Centre of Fine Arts AENAON
(Patmos - Athens 1995)
"The Revelation to Saint John - Contemporary Visual Approaches"

Babylon (1995) - Oil on canvas - 100 x 100 cm

The corrupted life of the personified republic of Babylon and the threat of the monsters that lie in wait of the rebirth of mother are two revealing subjects that inspire A. Nikolaou creatively in order to render his own version of the subject. This painter focuses the spectator's attention to the depth of the painting through which emerge his leading forms. His dreamlike, triumphant, nightmarish surfaces initiate a dialogue with light, darkness and colour through the interconnecting and quick brushwork, that chiefly characterizes his sensitive atmosphere. An atmosphere that is rendered in suggestive tones and poetic significancies that takes off the materiality of any objective certainty.

Athina Schina
Art historian

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