Andreas Nicοlaou was born in Cyprus in 1966, where he began exhibiting work at the age of 15.

He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (1985-87). He continued his formal training on a state scholarship at the School of Fine Arts, Athens (1987-1992), in the studio of P.Tetsis, from where he graduated with excellent.

To date his work has been shown in 33 solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and abroad; Ianos Gallery-Athens, Skoufa Gallery-Athens, Ikastikos Kiklos Art Gallery-Athens, Ravity Gallery-Mykonos Cultural Multipurpose Center Inteal-Patras, Municipal Gallery of Hydra-Hydra, Pierides Museum-Larnaka, Lygia Demades Gallery-Nicosia, Gallery "K"- Nicosia, Opus39 Gallery-Nicosia, Gloria Gallery-Nicosia, Famagusta Gate-Municipality-Nicosia, Mοrfi Gallery-Limassol, "K" Gallery-London, The Museum of Modern Art-Rome, Eleuteri Gallery-Rome, Hϋstage Gallery-Den Bosch, Khadr Berlin Gallery-Berlin, Neil Obrey Gallery-Munich, Niederhauser Gallery-Lausanne.

He participated in many group exhibitions such as The National Gallery-Athens, The Exhibition of the School of Fine Arts-Athens, the University Fair Exhibition-Athens, The Biennale of Torino, Helsinki and Barcelona, Bonhams The Greek Sale-London, Maastricht/Vals-Maastricht, PAN-Amsterdam-Amsterdam, Realisme'05-Amsterdam, Art Karlsruhe'05-Karlsruhe.

A retrospective of his work was presented at the Museum of Modern Art, Rome (2003). The Pierides Museum and the Cultural Foundation of the Cyprus Popular Bank organized an exhibition with the theme "The Portrait of the Minotaure", Cyprus (2005).

His paintings can be viewed in public collections: The National Gallery-Athens, The State Collection of Contemporary Art-Nicosia, The Museum of Modern Art-Rome, The School of Fine Arts-Athens, The Greek Ministry of Culture-Athens, and also in Municipal Collections in Greece and Cyprus, in corporate collections of the National Bank of Greece, Eurobank, Interamerican Insurance Athens, Popular Bank of Cyprus; and in private collections in Greece and abroad.

His work has been reviewed by art historians, art critics, academics and curators, among them: